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1) The 27 Bus

2) Bob Marshal

3) Clason Point Costume Party, 1914

4) Clason Point Yacht Club

5) 1946 Leland Cubs

6) 1947 Cubs at Koch Memorial Field, Soundview Ave. & Gildersleeve Ave

7) 1946-7 Cubs, Top Row, F. Malzone, W. Crowley, T. Sery, Dutch Schultz, P. Reibeshel. Bot R, W Langanm, F' Cotrell, McClusky, R. Collins & T. Devlin

8) Clason Point Reunion in Germany 6/11/1952. Frt-Lt-R, Jackie jaegert, George Hanley, Back Lt-R, Pete Sery, Ed Koehler, Rudy Friederich, John Soulo

9) Mrs. Kotch, (Henry's Mom) throwing out the first pitch in 1947. Henry was a member of the Cubs and killed serving in the US Army/WW2

H Karawan, F. Cotrell, W. Langan, T. Sery, F. Malzone, H. Davin, A. D'Angelo, H. Sulpice, R. Daucher, F. Farewell, T. Malzone, W. Crowley, V. Sellatti

11) Frank Malzone, Russ Farewell, Richie Kaucher, Floyd Cotrell

12) Russ Farewell, V. Sellatti, Willie Langan, Anthony D'Angelo

H. Karawan, F. Cotrell, W. Langan, T.Sery, Bot row F. Malzone, H Davin, A D'Angelo, H Sulpice, r Kaucher, R Farewell, T Malzone, W Crowley, V Sellatti

14) Vinnie Sallatti, Ted Sery, Wally Crowley, Anthony D'Angelo

15) Leland Cubs

16) Hanging out on the corner of Soundview & Patterson Ave in 1950, Rudy Friederich, Ed McNulty & William Wolf

17) Show

18) Clason Point Trolly Car in 1947

19) Clason Point Volunteer Fire Dept.

20) Clason Point Volunteer Fire House

21) Clason Point 1905

22) Beach Theatre was opened prior to 1941 and closed in 1969. Located at 1810 Randall Ave. It was converted to a church in 1970.

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