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50s-60's Photo's 3
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1b) John O'Connor, John Foley, Rich Loehmann, Richie Smith

2b) Drag Race

3b) Fred, Kenny & Jessie Drummund at Clason Point Yacht Club, 1969

4b) Larry, Joey D, Danny & Dianie in her 1957 T-Bird

5b) Larry, Sal, Joey D, Danny & ?

6b) Mike Ambrossia

7b) Butch, Mikey & Jimmy Raymundo

8b) Sal

9b) Vinnie Manghise, May Raimo, Mary Jane Xigler, Jimmy Mooney at Freedomland, 1963

10b) Richie "Goosie" Manghese, Dino Zingara, Larry Ferrara, Mike Ambrossia in Hi Hat Social Club

11b) Brother, Terry & Joe Sanchez

12b) Terry, Larry Ferrara, Danny Donnelly, Richie Manghise, Rob Howard, John Dowd, Diana, Joe Sanchez.

13b) Danny T-Bird, Teddy, Diana, Joe Sanchez, Larry Ferrara, Danny D, Dino Zingara

14b) jay, Robert, John & Danny in Hi Hat Social Club, 1962

15b) Patty, Jap, Father Cullen, Hank, Cookie, & Sebbie in Holy Cross Play

16b) Howie Johnson & Rennie Raymundo

17b) Frank "Tank" O'Brien in his corvette

18b) Tonny Vena, 1967

19b) Mikie, Mr Vena & Tommy on Taylor Ave., 1960

20b) Beverly & Howie, 1959

21b) Beverely & Howie

22b) Joey Blato, Eddie, Tommy Duffy

23b) Margaret Ortiz & Friends, 1958

24b) Janie Flynn

25b) Tucker & Ginny wedding

26b) Terry, Jimmy, Red, Eddy & Billy

27b) Jack, Jap, Jim, Sebbie, Henry, Ed, Patty, Billy

28b) Athony Cama, Cardinal Hayes HS, football team

29b) 2nd from right, Ed Harder. Orig. member of the Earls. Lived at 1942 O'Brien Ave. until 1957.

30b) Ed Harder Dad's boat, the "BEME" in Puglsey Creek, 1945. Ed also lived in a houseboat at 450 White Plains Rd., before he move to O'Brien Ave.

31b) Always friends of Angelo Rios

32b)Birthday party when we were young

33b) Joe, Angelo, Mary, & Ralph

34b) Joe & Carmen

35b) Luis Del Rio & Richard Pimentel

36b) Rosemarie & Delma

37b) Rosemarie, Rosemary, Betty, Alicia

38b) When Angelo Rios and friends were kids

39b) Buddy and Joanne Chicatelli, 1967

40b) Billy Zerillo aboard USS CURRITUCK, Vietnam, 1967

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