Good Old Days

Sound View Ave. **   Paterson Ave. **   Underhill Ave. **   Beach Ave. **   Gildersleeve Ave. **  O'Brien Ave. **  Commonwealth Ave. **  White Planes Rd. **   Lacombe Ave. **  Randall Ave. **   Taylor Ave.  **  Theriot Ave. **  Lafayette Ave.**   Stephens Ave. ** Bolton Ave. **  Leland Ave. **  Harding Park

 Some Memories of Clason Point

Good Old Days
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Singing on the corner,   Fishing,     Parties,     Going Steady,    Making out,      Chickie the cop
Stick Ball,     Johnny on the Pony,     Swimming,     Boating,     King Queen,     Moons-Up

Give a yell, give a cheer, for the boys who drink the beer!!!

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